MALE ORDER: Life Stories from Boys Who Sell Sex

Title of book: MALE ORDER: Life Stories from Boys Who Sell Sex

Author: Barbara Gibson

Publication date: 1995

Pages: 172

The plot:

  • Male order is a collection of life stories from people who sell sex on the streets of London
  • The stories range from those on the fringe of society to those with all the riches necessary for a high lifestyle.

The characters:

  • Madser from Ireland
  • Jason/Zoe from Wales
  • Paul from Wales
  • Simon/Simone from Woodford
  • Ryan from North London
  • Adam born in Germany but British


All of these boys/men have suffered during their life, both during their childhood and later as adults.  Society has not done them any favours!  All suffer from various illnesses at various times, and all have a potential which due to their circumstances have not been fulfilled.

Be prepared for shocks and on occasion’s revulsion, but don’t put the book down

Any weak bits?

It would seem that life hasn’t changed to a large degree – and with the current recession in all probability the incidences will grow!


  • It is not show stopper of a book, but it is worth persevering with.

Your rating (1-5 star): 3 ½ stars