Diversity in the Boardroom and Beyond!!

Last year Yvette Cooper told Stonewall at a fringe meeting that the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in senior public roles was still “too limited”.  Secondly, she was dismayed over the government’s delay in rolling out dual discrimination provisions.

Lucy P Marcus stated “Diversity is about ensuring that our businesses are pushing themselves to be the best they possibly can be and to have on board people who are equipped to cope with all eventualities. You get that by picking from the broadest possible population of qualified candidates. In other words, diversity is not about excluding anyone: not the kind of people that already are on boards and neither the kind of people who, despite being equally (and in some ways perhaps even more qualified for particular roles and challenges) qualified, are currently under-represented.”

Life is tough for us all, but the implementation of the government’s dual discrimination provisions would help tackle the ‘double glass ceiling’ faced by many LGBT people.

We ask that you write to your MP and urge them to pressure the government in Pressure your MP about the dual discrimination provisionsgetting this legislation in operation.

Use this link to find out who your MP is:

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