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Kara Walker: Exhibition of Capable Artworks in the MAC

On Sunday 2nd March I had the privilege of viewing Kara Walker's exhibition in the MAC, Belfast.  The exhibition covers all three galleries and has been on show from the 24 Jan and is wrapped up on the 27 April 2014. This exhibition is thought provoking and as suggested by the MAC blurb you should review it on your own before bringing any children as some of the images are slightly risque.  Kara has  drawn characters from American popular … [Read More...]

Theatre at the Mills photographs for Hunchback: The Musical

Hunchback: The Musical

Title Theatre Review: Hunchback: The Musical Actors/Actresses  John O'Mahony, Ciara Louise Baxter, JuliusMetson Scott, Christopher Finn< Kate England, Roxanne Saili Theatre Company/Group Location  Theatre at the Mill, Newtwonabbey When  Christmas … [Read More...]

teddy reads the blogging manual

Movie Review: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Title Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Associate/Affiliate Details Amazon: N/A Barnes & Noble: N/A Stars:  Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Keira Knightley, Kenneth Branagh Screenplay  Adam Cozad, David Koepp. Tom Clancy Producer(s)  Paramount Pictures and Skydance … [Read More...]

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Book Review – Roots of Labour

Edited out-take Labour & TU Review No. 59 October 1996 Book Review: Roots of Labour Harry Moncrieff Linden Hall and The Industrial Pioneer ISBN 978-0905 9032 17 It is difficult to place this interesting wee book.  It is cross between reminiscence and history.  The book has a … [Read More...]

teddy reads the blogging manual

Book Review – Physique

Edited out-take upstart Vol. 10 No. 2. (1997) Physique Rupert Smith Serpent's Tail ISBN The subtitle of this 224-page book is The Life of John S. Barrington.  'JSB' no matter about his other attributes was a fine example of Weber's notion of the 'Protestant work ethic'.  For more than fifty … [Read More...]